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Greetings my friends.  I have been interested in the Hebrew language and the lessons we can learn from grammar for many many years. I have facilitated numerous Torah classes and Hebrew Grammar classes over many years.

I have a seven-year liberal arts degree from a North Central Accredited University, triple major in History, Social Science, and English/Literature. I was ordained as a Rabbi for a couple years, also held ministry positions in the Mennonite church for a little while as well as many other positions within Hebrew roots organizations.  My deep curiosity with the scriptures began decades ago while I was still in school, and I have continued to study ever since. I believe that although there has been some “scribery” of the scriptures in the past, the concepts have remained intact and we can rely upon them.

Some have wondered about why I facilitate Hebrew grammar studies. “Grammar,” you ask perhaps incredulously? Lessons? Oh yes, many nuggets of wisdom can be gleaned from the careful study of Hebrew grammar! As my students go through the books, I bring many of these things out to enrich their biblical understanding of YHWH and a reinforcement of the precepts he put into our consciousness through his scriptures and Set-Apart Spirit. I have found many things in the Hebrew prayers that are traditionally canted and sung with a particular tune that can also correlate with scriptural principles as well. To mine these treasures takes a special kind of person. A persistent person who slowly and carefully seeks to soak up all the elements that can be had from this wonderful Language.

Did you know, that Hebrew is considered by many authorities as the “Primordial Edenic language of all mankind.” As one distinguished researcher put it “True, linguists now think there once WAS a universal human language, but they assume that it evolved chaotically, and that it also de-evolved naturally and chaotically over millennia. Now comes an epical book that documents the language of the earliest modern humans.

Let’s call them Adam and Eve, and let’s call that global Mother Tongue “Edenic.” Surely our current 6,000 languages grew from migrations and such, but this book proves that there was a “Big Bang” that diversified that special original, global language” – (The Origin of Speeches 2nd Edition by Isaac E Mozeson) I have spent many an hour mining these treasures and am happy to share what has become evident to me. I also love interactions in my classes. Together, we can enhance our learning. Come join us for this wonderful study and become enriched in the knowledge of our Heavenly Father.

At the Yahad’s Educational branch, known as the E.A.R.T.H. academy, you will find my beginners Prayerbook Hebrew course. In that course, we covered chapters 1-7 of the text at the entry student level. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining us to study Hebrew. Stay tuned as we will be relaunching the Academy very soon with many new features in a supportive online study environment.

Also, on my YouTube channel we discuss the various prophetic viewpoints that are being spread abroad in various quarters and dissect their strengths and weaknesses.  Sometimes in my videos there are some reflection on subjects as well as commentary on different viewpoints. I am happy to counsel with anyone who has questions about any subject and love to interact with fellow truth seekers.


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