Sukkot 2018 Begins

The Vero Essene Yahad Invites YOU to

A week to honor the Moed of Sukkot

Tuesday 2 October 5pm – Thursday 11 October 9:30am

Theme: “Up from slavery to freedom”

Sukkot is also known as the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of the In-gathering. It is literally translated as the Feast of Booths and is celebrated five days after Yom Kippur, beginning on the 15th day of the seventh month for seven holy days. Sukkot celebrates the gathering of the harvest and commemorates the miraculous protection the Almighty provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt and journeyed in the wilderness.

In the days of the Jerusalem Temple, Sukkot was one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals on which the Israelites were commanded to perform a pilgrimage to the Temple. As we are living in the diaspora, we will make our pilgrimage this year to Booker T. Washington State Park and as People of Israel, will continue to remember our dependence on the will of our Creator.

We celebrate Sukkot by dwelling in a sukkah, a temporary dwelling (or a dwelling temporary to us) which traditionally has a foliage covering. The sukkah also represents the fact that all existence is fragile, and therefore Sukkot is a time to appreciate the shelter of our homes and our bodies.

Celebrate, Fellowship, Study, Worship and Rest


Make your Sukkot pilgrimage to the “Tuskegee Airman Lodge” located within the picturesque landscape of the Booker T. Washington State Park, a short distance from Chattanooga Tennessee. The park offers the perfect environment for nature loving opportunities such as fishing, boating, hiking, biking and birding.


A variety of accommodation choices are available. If you can’t make it for the whole week, stay for a day or two. Choose from lodge style bunks on-site at Booker T. Washington State Park, off-site camping or RV sites at Harrison Bay State Park or a hideaway you might find for yourself. Off-site accommodation rates are extra. See rates for information.

Group Facilities

On-site exclusive group facilities include the General Chappie James Assembly Hall, large kitchen, dining area with fireplace, outdoor pavilion, grill and fire-pit. Two separate barrack style lodges will be available for those who have paid for on-site accommodation. All main meals and some snacks will be provided in your package.

Schedule & Activities

Check in from 5pm on Tuesday 2nd October and be ready to enjoy your week of Sukkot. Leaders may check in from 3pm. There will be a full program of teachers presenting their latest discoveries, panel discussions and forums plus an optional sightseeing historical excursion. There will also be plenty of time for fellowship, worship and spontaneous ministry; a truly set-apart time.

Registration is open 1 June to 16 Sept. 2018

Deadline has now been extended to Friday 21st September. Don’t miss out!

To secure your place at Sukkot, please register your intention and forward your fees to the Yahad of East Tennessee. If you still need any information or assistance, please feel free to contact Bishop Daniel Ben Regesh. Contact info at footer.

 Every year, “The Vero Essene Yahad” gathers for the Moed of Sukkot. This year’s event is hosted by The Yahad of East Tennessee (YET). Your fees and gifts will go directly to YET and will cover such things as lodging, meals, benevolence and any miscellaneous costs associated with the event. Please note that free will offerings will be taken up, on both the Shabbat and the two holy days. Your place at the event will only be secured upon the submission of your fees and application form to YET by the closing date of 16 September 2018. Payment plans are available, please contact Bishop Regesh in this case.