As an affiliate ministry of the Vero Essene Yahad, we (The Yahad International) would like to help you navigate the various groups that work together in the network. The Yahad of Vero Beach, The Yahad of East Tennessee, The Yahad of North Georgia, The Yahad of Greenwood (SC) and our other online ministries, (such as the Sacred Feminine of The Yahad etc) meet online for studies, teaching, fellowship, prayer and support. We do have some local gatherings in various part of the U.S.A. but our main focus is on making everything available to everyone. We really are focusing on working to a “Unity in Mashiach”. To make this happen, we use the Zoom communications client to meet up for various events or fellowship. We are genuinely happy to have you with us and always want you to feel welcome at any gathering.  Read on for instructions on how to use “Zoom” to access any online gathering using the Zoom client. If you still find that you would like some help to join in, please just ask. We are always happy to help. Just ask!

How to Zoom – First time joining a Meeting through Zoom


Using a PC

  1. Prepare: Prepare ahead of time by downloading the free zoom software installer. Go to When you click on the downloaded file, it will automatically install and have “Zoom” ready to go when you need it.
  2. Start: When it’s time to join the meeting, open “ZOOM” and choose “join meeting”. Alternatively, you may have been sent a meeting invitation by email and it will give a link (for example the Shabbat service location – This is another way to open “Zoom” and enter the room ID (as per step 3).
  3. Room Number: Enter meeting room ID number given for the event (for example the Shabbat service location is: 240 482 4530).
  4. Name: Enter your name (this can be seen by others in the meeting).
  5. Join: Click “Join” and the door shall open.
  6. Sound: Select “use computer audio”.

For more help see the below video or zoom help pages.

Using the App (Phone or Tablet)

  • Download the Zoom App from your device app store (Apple or Android).
  • The process to access the zoom room is the same as the PC from step 2, in that you just open the app, enter the room ID, enter your name and select enter.


 Download App (Apple/iOS)     Download App (Android)

Phone – Dialing in 

  • No preparation is needed if you plan to dial in with a phone. To enter, simply dial the number and enter the meeting ID when prompted.
  •  Various International numbers are available. Dial the number based on your country/location. Some of these numbers are listed here.
  1. – US: (408) 638 0986   OR   (646) 558 8665
  2. – Canada: (647) 558 0588
  3. – Australia: (02) 8015 2088  OR   (08) 7150 1149

* Creating a free Zoom account is a great option, but not necessary. It is easier if you plan on coming back again, plus you can personalize your experience and use more of “Zoom’s” functions. In this case if you do have a free account, when you start the software or app next time, you will simply log in, add the room ID number and then choose “join”.